Superhero Pizza

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Miniclip Superhero Pizza Game Online - Play Free Pizza Games

Create, cook and serve up delicious Pizza for the hungry superheros. The customers choose the ingredients, and you cook the pizzas to order. Have Fun!

Play Superhero Pizza game online for free today

Do you like to eat pizza, and do you also enjoy to play free superhero games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Superhero Pizza game online.

How to play Superhero Pizza game online

Use your mouse to select items on the screen.

Foods taht Superheroes Eat

According to you might be surprised to know what they eat. While some of the food may indeed be downright weird, there are also some characters that eat food that we might be interested in trying, too. Here are some of them. Captain America, the hero Americans look up to, simply loves the home-style goodness of a serving of apple pie. No wonder he is called Captain America, since Apple pie is a part of almost all American Traditions. Popeye is the epitome of healthy eating. When the going gets tough, he could always pull out a can of spinach, eat it, and then blast the enemies away. The Flash moves so fast that he burns calories too fast. To stock up on power, he would wolf down lots of burgers, fries, and power shakes. Spiderman is one of the superheros that love New York style pizza, he also like to eat hamburgers and cherry pie.

The Superhero Pizza is another fun free game from Miniclip

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