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Miniclip Twiddlestix Web Game - Play Free Fun Stick Maze Game Online

It is amazing how much excited you can create with one single stick. If you don't believe try this simple, but not too easy and also addicting game. You get to control one stick which spins around, our a Twiddlestix as it is called. Your goal is navigate the twiddelstix, through a maze of waterways. You need to navigate your way safely through the waterways without hitting the sides. If you hit the sides too many times, then it is game over. The Twiddlestix game have many levels, so you can have lots of fun. Enjoy and Have Fun!

How to play the fun Twiddlestix game online

Use the spacebar and the arrow keys to play this free online game.

Move a spinning stick through a maze without touching the walls

The game of Twiddelstix is most likely inspired by the old carnival game called Irritating Stick. It is a carnival game in which the player has to move a spinning stick through maze like levels, without touching the borders. If the borders are touched, the player gets "zapped" and loses the game. The original japanese version had an announcer who would yell things to confuse the player and trick him into touching the walls of the maze. Another similar game is the Stick & Move game, where you also control a stick, and your object is about spinning and navigating your way through maze like obstacles.

The Twiddlestix is another fun free game from Miniclip

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Play Twiddle Stix game by Miniclip for free online today

Do you think it is fun to play with sticks, and do you once in a while enjoy to play a fun online game. If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Miniclip Twiddlestix game online.

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