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Zed Flash Game Online - Play Free Miniclip Zed Game

Zed is an android. But unlike other androids, he has always had a very special dream, to sport a space suit entirely made of gold. It's now up to you in this free flash game to guide Zed through ten particularly vicious levels and collect enough gold pieces to fullfil his dream. You quest begins in the gold mines, deep down in the underworld. Have Fun!

How to play Miniclip Zed flash game online

Control Zed with your arrow keys. Use S key for sound adjustments, and P key to pause the free game. Collect good stuff. Avoid bad stuff. Three gold pieces is need to unlock a golden door. At the beginning of each level you will be given a color code, to contine at that level some other time, you just need to enter that color code.

Zed in the Real World

First of all Zed is the pronunciation of the letter Z in Commonwealth English, but it might also refer to people, fictional characters, and several companies. Zed A. Shaw is a software developer most commonly known for creating the Mongrel web server for Ruby web applications. Zed is also a character in the movie Pulp Fiction. In the corporate world, Zed is a Spanish company that markets entertainment products to the mobile phone industry, There is also an independent academic publishing company based in London named Zed. So, as you can see, this name has a wide variety of uses in our society.

The Zed flash game is another fun free game from Miniclip

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Play Zed flash game for free online today

Do you enjoy to play online platform puzzlers? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our free Zed flash game online.

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