Lucky Tap Game

Lucky Tap Game

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This is free online game where you need to rely on your luck to succeed. There are two pills one with red and one with blue color. One of these pills is the real deal, the other one is placebo. You have to guess which one is correct by cliking/tapping on one pill and if you guess correct you will move on to the next round. If you guess the wrong pill, it is game over, and you will have to start guessing from the beginning again. Try your luck and guess as many pills as you can in one game-play. Have fun!

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How to Play Lucky Tap Game

Simply just click or tap on the pills to play this game.

The Four-Leaf Clover is also known as the Lucky Clover

The four-leaf clover is an uncommon variation of the common, three-leaved clover. According to tradition, such leaves bring good luck to their finders, especially if found accidentally. In addition, each leaf is believed to represent something: the first is for faith, the second is for hope, the third is for love, and the fourth is for luck. It has been estimated that there are approximately 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every four-leaf clover; even so, this probability has not deterred collectors who have reached records as high as 160,000 four-leaf clovers. To find a four-leaf clover, one should look in a patch of white clover (Trifolium repens) or red clover (Trifolium pratense) to find genuine mutant clovers. It is debated whether the fourth leaflet is caused genetically or environmentally. Its relative rarity (1 in 10,000 clovers) suggests a possible recessive gene appearing at a low frequency. Alternatively, four-leaf clovers could be caused by somatic mutation or a developmental error of environmental causes. They could also be caused by the interaction of several genes that happen to segregate in the individual plant. It is possible all four explanations could apply to individual cases.

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