Move the Blocks Game

Move the Blocks Game

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In the new addicting game Move the Blocks, you will help a funny cube travel the world in which your hero refused. In front of you on the screen you will see your character, who will be at the beginning of the road. You will need to guide your hero to the end point of your journey as quickly as possible. There will be points on the road that your cube will have to collect. Using the control keys, you will have to make the cube move in the direction you want. In some places, it will change color. This will earn you points. Having reached the end point, you will pass the level and proceed to the next task. Have fun!

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How to Play Move the Blocks Game

Use mouse or touch the screen.

Why Brainiacs Love to Solve Logical Block Puzzles

According to solving puzzles satisfies the nimble brain. Many non-puzzlers seem astonished that someone would take on problem solving recreationally. Successful solutions to problems move both the individual and the culture forward. Inventions such as the wheel, light bulb and airplane flight all were solutions to problems, and each has contributed mightily to man's advancement. Puzzles are a special sort of problem. Puzzles have a known solution, whereas most other problems do not. Puzzles offer a complete problem solving experience from defining the goal, to determining the characteristics of the given, and finally the solution. By observing ourselves and others while we solve puzzles, we can learn about roadblocks to creative problem solving. As we become aware of these roadblocks, we can practice going around them or avoiding them altogether. Puzzling, it can be said, is practicing problem solving. Here then, are a few problem solving roadblocks discovered while puzzling, that can be applied to problem solving in general. While it feels really good to solve a puzzle, scientists don't yet know what all the long-term benefits may be.