Russian Trucks Differences Game

Russian Trucks Differences Game

Russian Trucks Differences Game Online - Play Free Fun Photo Hunt Games

Russian trucks are one of the most powerful vehicles. Here you will find the best trucks coming from Russia. In this game you need to find the differences in these beautiful trucks. Behind these pictures are small differences. A game that is fun and educational because it will help you improve your observation and concentration skills. You have 10 levels and 7 differences, for each level you have one minute to finish the same. Have fun!

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How to Play Russian Trucks Differences Game

Use mouse or touch the screen.

Why are "Tractor-Trailers", or "Big-Rigs" referred to as a "Semi"?

A Semi-Trailer Truck consists of a tractor and a half-trailer, which only has wheels toward the end, rear, or back of the trailer itself, while the front part is hitched up and being held up by the "tractor" or large diesel engine that pulls it. The word "Semi" is just short for all this. Knowing this information and thinking about it while you are riding down the Interstate and you pass one of these loud and powerful locomotive like machines, one might begin to notice that many, including 18-Wheelers, do in fact have wheels on the front end of the trailer that they are pulling. This leads to the question asking if these should be called a "Semi"? You can find some differing answers to this if you go to Fun Trivia. In the past year or so, I have noticed some beautiful new and stylish looking "Tractors" on the road. Online you can find a game like euro simulator 2, some images, ram stats, or some of the best wiki facts about them. Here at, you can also see some images and do some comparisons while having some fun when you play free online games.

Spot the difference Puzzles

Spot the difference is a type of puzzle where players must search and find to discover a set number of hidden differences between two very similar pictures, illustrations, or photographs. Believed to be very educational, as they help a person develop a keen eye for noticing detail, these puzzle games have also been called photo hunt games, or best find. They are commonly found in activity books for children that may also include jigsaw, word, or crossword puzzle games. The online game Truck Differences requires no downloading and is also great entertainment for adults. It can be interesting and fun to play these free games as a flash or yahoo internet challenge. If you cross your eyes and merge the two pictures into one, the differences between the two images will appear to blink in and out of your armor vision and may be helpful to you in solving the comparison.

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