Daily Sudoku Game

Daily Sudoku Game

Daily Sudoku Html5 Game - Play Free Fun Sudoku Games Online

Here is a fun web game for those who love to play Sudoku on a daily basis. Apart from playing this free online Sudoku game on the Internet, you can print it out on paper and play it when you are ion your way to work in the subway, or bus. When you click on any of the boxes, you get a pad on which you can select any number; the numbers can also be deleted using the X button on the pad. The fun web game can be used for training on the penciling method of solving Sudoku; when you click on the small white box, you can input small numbers which you think could be likely candidates for that box. In Sudoku, you get to put the numbers 1 to 9 in the small 3x3 grids and they should not be repeated. In the larger 9X9 grid, the columns and rows should have the numbers 1 to 9 but they should not be repeated. Given this fast, a game that allows you to do the penciling method is great especially for those who are just learning how to play the web game. This is a fun online game that you will enjoy playing whenever you have the free time; welcome to Sudoku and good luck. Have fun!

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How to Play Daily Sudoku Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen on touch devices. The Daily Sudoku game has 4 different levels; Easy, Normal, Tough and Pro. This is something that is not found in most games. The games you normally find have a single level, and at most at least three levels. This is a game with four different levels and this makes it a very challenging game to play. It has a timer, but you can disable it if you do not want to be put under pressure. The pride for Sudoku players is when they can solve a puzzle within a given time; you can opt to be timed or not.

The Principles Behind Solving Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku is a game that will continue to baffle mathematicians for years to come. The possible variants for this free web game are in the trillions. However, this is good news for those who love playing the game. It means that they will have years of different variants to play. The principles behind the solving of Sudoku puzzles, however, will not change much. You either use the scanning method, or you use the penciling method. The locking method is just an offshoot of the penciling method. In the scanning method, one looks at the rows and columns of the larger 9X9 grid and see where a certain number cannot be represented. After scanning the whole grid, the player then decides where to put certain numbers. This is said to be the most difficult way of playing Sudoku. However, the penciling method does not take too much mental energy, but it can be lengthy. You pencil in the most possible candidates and then eliminate them as you continue to solve the puzzle. Whichever method you use, the allure of Sudoku is not going away soon. If you love this web game, then you will be playing free online Sudoku games for a long time to come.