Just Sudoku Game

Just Sudoku Game

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Puzzles are divided into different levels of difficulty, fun for beginners and Sudoku experts. Think carefully, seek the best solution, and exercise super brain. s the web game progresses, it will become more and more difficult. Take good care of it. Come on, have some fun!

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How to Play Just Sudoku Game

Click on the correct number with the mouse, fill it and win. The rules for solving these puzzles are simple: Each row, column and region must contain the numerals from 1 through 9 exactly once. Click with the left mouse button several times on a field to enter the correct number. 25 different sudokus with 5 levels. Click on a square to get a number there, the more you click, the higher the number.

Having Fun by Just Solving Sudoku Puzzles

Playing Sudoku can be relaxing but it can also make you get engrossed to the point where you cannot tell time passing. You are supposed to fill in a grid with the numbers 1 to 9 without repeating them, and you are to do this on nine 3X3 grids; you also have to ensure that they are not repeated in the columns and rows of the greater grid. This is something that will keep most people scratching their heads; Sudoku aficionados know how satisfying it is to complete one puzzle, even when they were novices. You should try this numbers puzzle because it has so many helpful features; you will have an easier time when you play this game, unless you choose the Very Hard mode. The benefits of this game have been mentioned by many researchers including increasing the capacity of the mind to solve issues, improved memory among others. Given the wide variety of games available, you will always find a new game to play and will never be bored. Even if you select one to play every day, the combination on numbers will never be the same, thereby presenting you with a new challenge every day. You do not want to pass up the chance of getting into a healthy, entertaining and engaging game.