Crazy Collapse Game

Crazy Collapse Game

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Crazy Collapse is fantastic block removal game. The object is to clear the entire game screen quickly. In this online game you can remove horizontally or vertically connected block which are of the same color. The status on the bottom will show you the projected score for the selected group. Use this information to create bigger groups and get rewarded with a higher score. Have fun!

11,410 play times

How to Play Crazy Collapse Game

Click a block which has a similar item in its adjacent block.

What does it mean that something collapse?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary the word can both be a verb and a noun. As a verb the term refers to something that falls down suddenly or something that is unable to continue. I.e. A piece of the wall collapsed on top of him. As a noun the term refers to an inability to continue or to stay in operation. An example of this would be the collapse of the Soviet empire.

This Ball Puzzle is a metaphor of our Society

There is a lot scientific research showing that our society will collapse, even the bible predict so. Why and how no one can say for sure. It is a popular belief these days that the climate changes will cause this, but there are several other factors too. An epic world war, spread of an incurable disease, alien invasion, and the earth getting hit by a meteor. Just like in this online game, when it hits, it will take down whoever is closest to the impact (the place you click with the mouse) first. When such an event will happen or if will ever happen, no one knows for sure, but the chances are extremely slim. We should not worry about it because there are greater things in life. We recommend you today to play our Collapse game, and just have fun, there is plenty of other people worrying about the collapse of our society so you don't have to.

Crazy Collapse Game Walkthrough: