Crusader Defence Game

Crusader Defence Game

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t is one of the most important moments in history. The great kingdom is under the attack of the enemy kingdom and it is time to take action. As being the commander of the crusader army, you should come up with strategic defense plans to stop the enemies. In this fun skill game, your objective is to deploy the soldiers to the most strategic spots to stop the enemy waves. You have a pikeman team, archer team, and knight team to deploy. But these soldiers work with money, you know. Click on the spot, select the unit to be deployed and then click on the start attack button. Each kill earns you golds that you can use to deploy more units and upgrade the soldier stats like speed, radius, and damage. Conquer the map and save the kingdom. Once you win a battle, a victory flag will appear on the map. Have fun!

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How to Play Crusader Defence Game

Use your mouse or tap to interact.

Fun Facts and History of Tower Defense Games

According to WikiPedia Tower defense is a sub-genre of real-time strategy games, where the goal is to stop the enemies from reaching a specific point on the map by building a variety of different towers which shoot at them as they pass. The Tower Defense game genre started with Atari's Rampart game, back in 1990. By the early 2000s, maps for StarCraft, Age of Empires II, and Warcraft III were following in Rampart's footsteps. Eventually, independent video game developers began using Adobe Flash to make stand-alone tower defense browser games. Tower defense games are characterized by the positioning of static units by the player to defend against mobile enemy units who are trying to get from a start point to an end point. Enemies and towers usually have varied abilities, costs, and upgrade prices. When an enemy is defeated, the player earns money or points, which are used to buy or upgrade towers, or upgrade the number of money or points that are earned, or even upgrade the rate at which they upgrade. It is also a common theme in tower defense games to have air units which do not pass through the layout of the maze, but rather fly over the towers directly to the end destination.