Cards Connect Game

Cards Connect Game

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Try to make the most combinations possible in the shortest amount of time. 12 Levels awaits where you need to match card pairs to remove them from the grid. With each match we get more time added. –°ards must be connected by no more than 3 lines. Have fun!

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How to Play Cards Connect Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen to select identical cards to remove.

What does it mean to get a combo in cards

A combo is short for combination. In video games, a combo is a term that designates a set of actions performed in sequence, usually with strict timing limitations, that yield a significant benefit or advantage. Combos are either used as an essential game-play element, or used merely as a high score. In the case of the Cards Connect game a combo consist of 3 or more playing cards, and the cards could have numbers in orders or be of the same suit.

Fun Historical Facts About Playing Cards

According to the House of Playing Cards they have an incredibly rich and mysterious history. While many facts are known about the origins of playing cards, several of the details surrounding the creation of cards as we know them today are still subject to debate. Part of the problem is that paper is a fragile medium, so it is almost impossible to truly trace the originals, since samples no longer exist. Early examples of cards can be traced to India, Persia, and Egypt but most experts agree that playing cards originated in China, alongside games such as Dominos and Mahjong. Due to the small size and convenient portability of a pack, it was very easy for soldiers to carry cards and introduce them to new regions. It is very likely that cards first reached most places in the world inside the pockets soldiers. Early decks had no Queens, which reflected the fact that courts were male-dominated. The common red and black suit color scheme that we know today was invented in France. This simple creation offered better readability and became the basis for the modern Anglo-American deck. The core elements of the deck and major suit systems were established by the end of the 15th century, and very little has changed since.