Atomic Puzzle Game

Atomic Puzzle Game

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Atomic Puzzle is a new type of puzzle game focused on the logic of removing Atoms in the right order. Can you predict the merging of the molecules so that there's none left at the end of each level? Here you get to enjoy 50 levels and 10+ different types of Atoms. Have fun!

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How to Play Atomic Puzzle Game

Mouse/Touchscreen to play. Instructions are in-game.

Demokritos came up with the idea of atoms

According to the japanese online seminar Microscopic World -1- Mysteries in the Atomic World the idea that the matter consists of minimum units, i.e. atoms, was proposed by an ancient Greek philosopher, Demokritos. He lived in the Ancient Greece, about 500 BC. The word "Atom" means "unable to be divided". Demokritos came up with the ideas that this world is made of the atoms which are moving in the "empty" which spread infinitely.

Fun Logic Game Facts

The links between logic and games go back a long way, and we all love logic puzzle games because when we find the solution it makes sense. Not only are they fun and challenging but they also help develop young kids brain, and help grown-ups keep their brain stay sharp. According to Stanford University there are close links between games and teaching. Games between two players, of the kind where one player wins and one loses, became a familiar tool in many branches of logic during the second half of the twentieth century. Important examples are semantic games used to define truth, back-and-forth games used to compare structures, and dialogue games to express (and perhaps explain) formal proofs. From the point of view of game theory, the main games that logicians study are not at all typical. They normally involve just two players, they often have infinite length, the only outcomes are winning and losing, and no probabilities are attached to actions or outcomes. Just as in classical game theory, the definition of logical games serves as a clothes horse that we can hang other concepts onto.