Art Villages Differences Game

Art Villages Differences Game

Art Villages Differences Game - Play Free Fun Photo Hunt Games

Often artists live in a village, they get more peace and inspiration for their painting there. In this free online game you get to study and compare two pictures of an art village. Your goal is to spot the all differences between the two pictures within the giving time. The faster, the higher of the score. You can try to get as high score as possible or just take your time and enjoy the paintings while looking for differences. Have fun!

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How to Play Art Villages Differences Game

Use mouse to click the differences to spot them. You can click the Hint button for help.

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Try to discover a set number of hidden differences

Spot the differences is a type of puzzle where players must search and find to discover a set number of hidden differences between two very similar pictures, illustrations, or photographs. Believed to be very educational, as they help a person develop a keen eye for noticing detail, these puzzle games have also been called photo hunt games, or best find. They are commonly found in activity books for children that may also include jigsaw, word, or crossword puzzle games. The online game Beauties and Cars requires no downloading and is also great for adults. Playing these free games as a flash or yahoo internet challenge can be interesting and fun! If you cross your eyes and merge the two pictures into one, the differences between the two images will appear to blink in and out of your armor vision and may be helpful to you in solving the comparison.