Silly Ways to Die Differences Game

Silly Ways to Die Differences Game

Silly Ways to Die Differences Game - Play Free Fun Photo Hunt Games

Public safety announcements have always been amusing in their own weird way. Seeing forgetful or irresponsible characters make terrible mistakes and suffer the consequences is utterly hilarious. Soon, the media realized that adding a pinch of humor is not always detrimental. And that’s how the famous dumb-ways-to-die series of animated PSAs was created. Silly Ways to Die Differences is a free interactive alternative with a similar vibe. In this puzzle, the player has to analyze almost identical pictures and find inconsistencies. Despite the seeming likeness, there are always a few details that don’t add up. Locate them as quickly as possible to achieve victory. Have fun!

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How to Play Silly Ways to Die Differences Game

Use the mouse or tap the screen to play. Navigate the main menu using the mouse and press Start to begin the playthrough. Each stage consists of two similar-looking drawings. They portray the iconic protagonists in various potentially dangerous situations. Observe the images and try to identify dissimilarities. For example, it could be an element of clothing or a color that doesn’t match. Point the appropriate area out by left-clicking on it. Repeat the process and highlight all the disparities before the timer reaches zero.

A Smart Spin-off of the Silly Games Franchise

Thousands of people have played through the original installments numerous times. This title is perfect for those who love the style but would like some variety. The developers did an amazing job of repurposing the familiar esthetics for fresh mechanics. New users will especially enjoy the following features:

  • Straightforward and stimulating gameplay that requires good awareness and attention to detail
  • Several high-quality animated illustrations
  • Recognizable adorable monsters getting into all kinds of trouble
  • Top-notch 2D graphics that won't be a problem for older hardware

The overall level of polish is evident from the get-go. Both long-time fans and newcomers will appreciate this addition to the strange and hazardous universe.