Merge Defense Game

Merge Defense Game

Merge Defense Game Online - Play Free Fun Tower Defense Games

Welcome to Merge Defense. Unknown enemies suddenly attacked us. we need build turrets and merge 2 same type turrets to increase the level. Let's defense our home base now. Have fun!

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How to Play Merge Defense Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen. 1. Merge 2 same type Turrets! 2. Collect Turret Pieces from battles or buy them from the Shop!

Why are Tower Defense Games so Addicting

Tower Defense games are entirely reliant on developing and perfecting a strategy. There's no timing or hand-eye coordination involved and no random factors at play. These type of fun online games are all about using the available resources most effectively to achieve a set outcome. Because of this they're very well suited for implementing flow. Flow is a mental state in which learning and action are simultaneous. In video game terms, it's achieved when a game is (somewhat) mindless and the player's ability and the game's difficulty increase at the same pace. These conditions fit tower defense games really well, and that is what makes them so addicting.