Tactical Knight Game

Tactical Knight Game

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Get ready for adventure with Tactical Knight, a fun and gripping knight game. You have to be careful to defeat the enemies in the right order. You must kill all the enemies before they fall into the sea. In addition, the powers of the enemies are indicated by asterisks. You should get the swords on the map to strengthen your character. You must kill a boss monster every 5 levels. Have fun!

10,384 play times

How to Play Tactical Knight Game

Use mouse or touch swipe to play.

Knights and Spiral Staircases in Castles

According to List Verse the spiral staircase was invented to make it harder for knights to invade the castle. Did you know that knights hates spiral staircases? In many medieval castles have spiral staircases and there is a reason for that. Spiral staircases were invented for warfare. It is extremely difficult walking up a spiral staircase in full armor while fighting enemies. The design also gave the defenders a bonus advantage. Medieval spiral staircases were designed so that they wound clockwise going up. That meant the invading knights had to advance with their left side to the front, which was a serious problem because pretty much all knights wielded their swords with their right hands.

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