Chalkboard Dice Caster Game

Chalkboard Dice Caster Game

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Stop Dices from reaching the End. Remove dices by making at least three, six dice in a row. Different type of zuma game with different technique game. You have to release dice to make the coming dice to make 6 by adding the required number from dice. The more dice you eliminate the more points you'll get. Have fun!

11,108 play times

How to Play Chalkboard Dice Caster Game

Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

Dice Games are Suitable for all Ages

Dice games are the most seasoned and one of the easiest games that maybe suit all ages. The ones included in betting are a standout amongst the most energizing and prominent ones. Dice games have been played since hundreds of years. So old is there cause that the antiquarians don't have the foggiest idea about the designer beyond any doubt. By adding a dice to game designers where able to add more randomness, and they also helped simplify the game, making the board games more fun for kids.

Zuma are fast paced puzzle games

Zuma are fast-paced tile-matching puzzle games. The objective of the Zuma puzzles are to eliminate all of the objects moving around the screen along a given path with other items by grouping three or more of them together. The path is clearly visible in most Zuma, but you might encounter exceptions. You need stop these items from reaching the end of the path, or else you will loose. Our online collection of Zuma web games will keep you entertained and will let you have fun for hours to come!