Maze and Tourist Game

Maze and Tourist Game

Maze and Tourist Game Online - Play Free Fun Addicting Puzzle Games

Explore continent of Africa as a tourist and become familiar with its different countries and tourism attractions. During your long travel, you visit 15 different countries in Africa. Each country is considered as a level and in it, you will become familiar with that country’s name, flag, coat of arms, capital, official language and one of its most famous tourism attractions. Have fun!

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How to Play Maze and Tourist Game

Touch on mobile device or keyboard and mouse on PC.

What is a Tourist Trap

Tourist trap is an establishment, or group of establishments, that has been created or re-purposed with the aim of attracting tourists and their money. Tourist traps will typically provide services, entertainment, souvenirs and other products for tourists to purchase. While the term may have negative connotations for some, such establishments may be viewed by tourists as fun and interesting diversions. A great example of this is Wall Drug in South Dakota, which began its tourist trade simply by offering ice water. Tourist traps range significantly in size, from a single tree such as the Wawona Tree to the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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