Underwater Bubble Shooter Game

Underwater Bubble Shooter Game

Underwater Bubble Shooter Game Online - Play Free Fun Ball Games

Underwater, there is much to discover. Fish, plants, and certainly other sea creatures of the cheerful genus. But wait, that is what Underwater Bubble Shooter is about of course only in the broadest sense. On the contrary, here, the quiet and breathtaking beauty of the sea barely remains. Here, under the water, the bubble shooter game gets to the point with a lot of action. That ultimately is the reason why you ended up here. In this free web game, there is nothing neither quiet nor peaceful. Here you can expect a breathtaking adventure as well as exciting levels full of variety. You see a colorful juxtaposition of colored balls. Help the trapped fishes escape their bubble cages. Matching three or more same color bubbles will make the bubbles disappearing and relieve the trapped fishes. Have fun!

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How to Play Underwater Bubble Shooter Game

Use right mouse click to shoot. You need to shoot at groups of 3 or more balls of the same color and thereby eliminate them to free the fish trapped behind.

The Mystery Surrounding Underwater Treasures

Scientists estimate that an endless number of lost treasures of all sizes lies under the sea to this day. Merchant ships that once sunk or were captured in war from almost every period of human navigation lie untouched at the bottom of the sea until this day. They house rare items, gold or precious commodities such as whiskey. Treasure hunters have always been looking for such sunken ships from the bottom of the sea that can be reached, in order to pull the big prize. Only very rarely will anyone find something and catch a really big fish indeed.