King of Spider Solitaire Game

King of Spider Solitaire Game

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Solitaire is a very popular card game, which has evolved from the French game of Patience. Nowadays, it is played all over the world. Usually, a card game is always played by two or more people, but the game of Solitaire is played alone. This a new version of classic spider solitaire with multiple difficulty levels. Create royal flushes by suit, stack cards from King to Ace to clear them from the playing field. You have to carefully watch your moves and especially with more than one color, this is quite difficult. This online game requires a lot of patience as well as forethought if you want to succeed. Enjoy the game!

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How to Play King of Spider Solitaire Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen on touchscreen systems. Just drag one card on top of another.

Fun Facts About Spider Solitaire

There are many fun facts about Spider Solitaire. Spider is a type of Patience game. It is one of the more popular two-deck solitaire games. The main purpose of the game is to remove all cards from the table, assembling them in the tableau before removing them. Initially, 54 cards are dealt to the tableau in ten piles, face down except for the top cards. The tableau piles build down by rank, and in-suit sequences can be moved together. The 50 remaining cards can be dealt to the tableau ten at a time when none of the piles are empty. The most common software version of Spider is the one included in the 7, Vista, ME and XP versions of Microsoft Windows, Spider Solitaire. Different software implementations of spider offer alternative scoring rules. In the Windows versions of Spider Solitaire, the scoring is calculated with a starting score of 500. One point is subtracted for each move; 100 points are added for each set removed. This gives a theoretical maximum of 1254 points (assuming all 50 cards from the decks are dealt exactly into place). A bonus of 100 points is gained for completing 4 sets of the same color.

Solitaire is played a little differently in English

The board game of Solitaire, also called Peg Solitaire and Sailor's Solitaire, is played a little differently in English. Here, there is a cross with 33 fields and 32 tokens. The center field is empty and this is where the last token is to be placed at the very end of the game. Only vertical and horizontal moves are allowed. The French board has a slightly different shape and 37 fields. While the English board is solvable for any start-finish area, there are only three starting positions for the empty field with which the game can be solved in the French version. Therefore, it is assumed that the version could originally be played diagonally as well.