Solitaire Game

Solitaire Game

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Solitaire is a classic card game that is both fun and educational. This card game is said to keep your mind sharp, and your day fun. Solitaire is played with 52 cards. Stack cards in descending order, alternating color. Start at the King, and build down to the Ace. The goal of the game is to get all cards into the foundations in the top-right corner. Beat Solitaire when all cards are in the foundations. Have Fun!

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How to Play Solitaire Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen to play.

Strategies for Solving Solitaire Puzzles

According to solitaire is a classic card game that is both fun and educational. There are some strategies involved in this card game. Some good ones to keep in mind are the following. Stack cards in alternating color. Build down from king to ace. Click the deck in the top left corner for more cards. Get all cards into their suit oriented foundations. Beat solitaire when all 52 cards are in their four suit oriented foundations.

Fun Solitaire Facts

According to solitaire or patience is any card game that can be played by one person. Solitaire is the American name; in England it is known as patience. There are probably more kinds of solitaire than all other card games together. The aim in most is to segregate the four suits, each in sequence, against the luck of the shuffle. The game is usually played with one or two decks. Cards are laid out on the table in an arrangement called the tableau. All the cards of a certain rank form the foundations on which the suits are built. Play proceeds either until the game is won (called making or breaking the game) or until further play is impossible.