Gem Match Deluxe Game

Gem Match Deluxe Game

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Gem Match Deluxe is a great match 3 game with challenging levels and power-ups to help you complete each level. Your task is to match and collect as many gems as possible. Gather enough and proceed to the enxt level. Have fun!

10,836 play times

How to Play Gem Match Deluxe Game

Use mouse or touch pad to play this game.

Why You Should Collect Gems

Gemstones have long been treasured as famous works of nature. People have always gone around the world just to see gems. Most people love the color, the variety, the brilliance, the flash, the lore of a gem. Gem stones permeate our history, the lapis lazuli and turquoise treasures of the Egyptian pharaohs, the jades of ancient China, turquoise of the Native Americans, the rubies, emeralds, and sapphires of India and Southeast Asia. Just like other collectibles, gems sometimes appreciate in value and may be sold for a profit. However, most collectors are loath to part with their prized collections (gems, stamps, coins, whatever) and prefer to keep them for their entertainment, educational, and aesthetic value. If they happen to make some money off their hobby, great! If not, they have the pleasure of building and maintaining a unique collection of interesting items. Although gems are frequently used in jewelry, they are perfectly good collectibles in their own right. In fact, there are many attractive and interesting gems that are too fragile or too large to be used in jewelry.

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